About Us

  Enterprise Group Planning, Inc. (EGP) is a professional service organization specializing in Employer Sponsored Health Benefit Plan management. With a commitment to personal service and professional integrity we have served the broker/consultant community and their clients since 1974. Our organization is distinctively qualified to provide health benefit plan services based upon the experience and commitment of our business associates and principles of our business philosophy.  With an emphasis on risk management and claim management, EGP provides value far beyond administrative services.  

Third Party Administration

  As a licensed TPA, Enterprise Group Planning provides administrative services for Self-Funded, Partially Self-Funded and Fully-Insured Employee Benefit Plans and HRA Plans. Stop-loss brokerage services are included in our plan administration.  

Brokerage Services

  EGP serves the independent brokerage community by providing access to quality, competitive fully insured group products and unrivaled service and support, through our wholesale brokerage division.