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Company Profile Overview

Third Party Administration

As a licensed TPA, Enterprise Group Planning provides administrative services for Self-Funded, Partially Self-Funded and Fully-Insured Employee Benefit Plans and HRA Plans.

As our industry has evolved to an automated approach to benefit plan management with a reliance on managed care concepts, personal service and traditional claim cost control has deteriorated. Enterprise Group Planning has remained true to the foundation of its success by remaining committed to staffing professionals to manage employers benefit plans and serve their employees. This statement highlights the two key areas of commitment for our TPA services; a focus on managing claims expenses and the highest level of customer service.

We believe that benefit plan administration is a service industry and although an organization can implement the best of today’s technology to be as efficient as possible, the principle asset of a service provider is the knowledge, experience and commitment of its associates, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

With the evolution of managed care, today’s health care system is more complex than ever. Employees need a benefit plan which will provide access to the highest quality health care while providing the consulting services and support to find their way through the health care maze. Enterprise Group Planning, Inc. can meet this challenge with health benefit programs that are customized to provide the benefit security required by employees and the cost management necessary to keep these programs affordable for the employer.

These services are available only through referral by an independent broker and/or consultant.

Brokerage Services

EGP serves the independent brokerage community by providing access to quality, competitive insurance carriers and unrivaled service and support of their product lines, through our wholesale brokerage division.

Through our general agency contracts, our partner carriers have benefited from our excellent working relationships with our valued brokers and the development of profitable, properly sold business portfolios with high levels of retention. As a result, we are afforded flexibility, stability and dedicated service sources to provide the highest level of service to the brokers and their clients which, in turn, creates an efficient environment for additional sales production.

Carrier partners are thoughtfully and carefully selected to preserve this business philosophy.

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