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Managed Care

The "managed care" philosophy of EGP is to preserve individuals freedom to choose their medical providers while offering them incentives to select quality medical providers who have agreed to provide services at negotiated rates.

Our benefit plans emphasize the availability of quality medical care and resist the medical rationing which is prevalent in many managed care programs. All available managed care options have been developed to ensure that participants have access to quality health care at affordable costs.

Network arrangements focus on fee-for-service contracting and generally do not require physician gatekeeper arrangements.
No medical or prescription protocols are issued. When employees choose preferred providers, they benefit from reduced out of pocket expenses and protection from balance-due billing while the plan benefits in the form of reduced overall claims costs.

EGP can offer multiple physician and hospital network arrangements, nationwide, which are available on a preferred provider (PPO) basis or an exclusive provider (EPO) basis.
EGP is also an administrator for the Caremark Prescription Services managed prescription drug programs. Managed indemnity and traditional co-pay programs are available.
Geo-access studies are available to determine network adequacy based upon employee demographics.

Refer to the BUSINESS PARTNERS page for direct links to select networks.

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