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Administrative Services

The day-to-day administration of the benefit plan is handled by EGP so the employer can focus on activities more significant to the success of your organization.

Plan Consultation
EGP offers benefit design analysis and financial performance analysis of new or existing benefit plans. Detailed reports are provided.

Eligibility Maintenance
Each month EGP provides a detailed itemized accounting statement for all premium and administrative fees. As an administrator and general agent for many insurance companies, EGP can consolidate other vendors and insurers on one monthly statement. That provides the convenience of single-source billing and payment.

Employee Communication
EGP produces all plan documents and employee benefit booklets. Also, all information necessary for the beneficiaries of the plan, including ID cards, benefit booklets and network directories. Upon request, communications for self-funded benefit plans can be personalized with the plan sponsor's corporate logo.

Multiple Stop-Loss Arrangements
As an authorized TPA for several stop-loss carriers, EGP can provide competitive and flexible stop-loss coverage alternatives for organizations with self-funded plans.

Risk Assessment
When appropriate, EGP can conduct an underwriting survey and corresponding risk evaluation and assessment for a medical benefit plan. The valuable information generated can help EGP determine and evaluate more effectively whether an employer should consider a self-funded program, the level of risk to be assumed, and the effects of stop-loss carrier run-out provisions.

Occupational Health and Wellness Programs
EGP has established relationships with medical providers who can offer consultation for and implementation of Occupational Health Programs and Wellness Programs.

Medical management and preventive programs for both work-related injuries and health matters can help reduce Workers' Compensation claims and control benefit plan costs. In addition, these programs can help improve employee morale and productivity.

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